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  • Perceptually Driven Radiosity


  • Radiosity, human-computer interaction, rendering hardware, SGI workstations


  • Sports, hiking, music, books by Dougles Adams, IRC


10 Publications found:
Image Bib Reference Publication Type
Jirí Bittner, Jan Prikryl, P. Slavik
Exact Regional Visibility Using Line-Space Partitioning
Computers & Graphics, 27(4):569-580, 2003.
Journal Paper (without talk)
Jirí Bittner, Jan Prikryl
Exact Regional Visibility using Line Space Partitioning
TR-186-2-01-06, March 2001 [paper]
Technical Report
Jan Prikryl
Perceptually Driven Radiosity
Supervisor: Werner Purgathofer
Duration: June 1997 — June 2001
Vlastimil Havran, Jan Prikryl, Werner Purgathofer
Statistical Comparison of Ray-Shooting Efficiency Schemes
TR-186-2-00-14, May 2000 [paper]
Technical Report
Werner Purgathofer, Jan Prikryl, Philippe Bekaert
Importance-Driven Hierarchical Stochastic Ray Radiosity
In Proceedings of the 8th International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Interactive Digital Media'2000 (ed. V. Skala), vol.short comm. pp. 100-106, University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic, February 2000
Miscellaneous Publication
Jan Prikryl, Werner Purgathofer
Overview of Perceptually-Driven Radiosity Methods
TR-186-2-99-26, December 1999 [paper]
Technical Report
Jan Prikryl, Philippe Bekaert, Werner Purgathofer
Importance-Driven Hierarchical Stochastic Ray Radiosity
TR-186-2-99-22, October 1999 [paper]
Technical Report
Jan Prikryl, Werner Purgathofer
Perceptually-Driven Termination for Stochastic Radiosity
TR-186-2-99-01, January 1999 [paper]
Technical Report
Werner Purgathofer, Jan Prikryl
Perceptually Driven Termination for Stochastic Radiosity.
Proceedings of WSCG´99, pp. 418-425, Univ.of Plzen, 1999.
Miscellaneous Publication
László Neumann, Werner Purgathofer, Jan Prikryl, Attila Neumann
The Constant Radiance Term
In Machine, Graphics and Vision, No. 7(3), pp.535-549, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, 1998.
Miscellaneous Publication
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