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Research Work

  • Skydome Rendering


  • Skydome Rendering: my current research deals with all the aspects of physically correct skydome rendering.
  • Real-time Character Animation: I did my Ph.D. on the animation of characters for video games. The constraint of real-time leads you to a lot of trades-off between quality of animation and believability of movements. I developed two real-time algorithms which aim at adding details to an existing animation (Maya animation for instance) to make it more believable/realistic. However, the techniques are completely geometric, and physical accuracy was not the primary concern. The details that can be added (without modifying the original animation) are:
    * dynamic wrinkles, which are the wrinkles that form around articulations or on clothes during a movement;
    * dynamics of flesh volumes, which are mainly the vibrations of volumes of fat and tissus that occur during sharp movements such as jumping or running (think of a cat belly for example). The publications related to this work, as well as the Ph.D. Thesis can be found in the publications section.


  • Flying: my new hobby concerns the flying of gliders. I began my pilot license in February 05. Since I'm now able to take off and land, I should get my license pretty soon ...
  • Gardening: last spring, I tried to grow plants (vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes ... ). I don't know if they are still alive. Last weekend I brought back a pine tree. It's now on my desk, hope it will survivre the heating ;-)
  • Sports: I like sports in general, but for this semester, I suscribed to a Volley Ball course and a Gymnastics one ;-)
  • Painting: I like to paint, to draw stuff and calligraphy. However, I'm still very far from being a valuable artist ;-) Nevertheless, I began a big painting since I came back from Ireland (Eurographics 05, Dublin). It might be finished one day ;-)
  • Coins: I like to take a look at coins (old, actual, whatever country) and banknotes, because it tells a lot about a country and its history. So I kind of collect them, but without bying (it's less fun). So if you go to some exotic country, you're more than welcome if you bring me some coins back ;-)


  • Zabador's World, my personal website. Lot's of stuff, will always be under construction and probably never fully translated. The best way to navigate on this website is to use the french version.
  • Old website at EVASION, one of the teams where I did my Ph.D.