Löffelmann H.:

Advanced Visualization Techniques for a Model of Mixed-mode Oscillations in Chemical Systems

Talk in Prague, June 6, 1996.


After a short introduction to the visualization of dynamical systems some advanced techniques dealing with local properties as, e.g., rotation or divergence of the flow, are discussed. Furthermore approaches dealing with the global behavior of a dynamical system, e.g., the long-term evolution induced by the model, are reviewed with special respect to streamsurface techniques. Streamarrows, which extend the concept of streamsurfaces, are presented as an apropriate solution to problems caused by occlusion, when streamsurfaces are used. The results produced with this new technique are taken from a recent project. A model of mixed-mode oscillations, which are a phenomenon often encountered in chemical systems, was visualized during this project by the use of streamarrows. The project and the dynamical system visualized are discussed briefly.

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Helwig Löffelmann, Vienna University of Technology.