A tool for interactive exploration of high dimensional dynamical systems

Techniques implemented in NDimViewer

Extruded Parallel Coordinates (EPC)
Linking With Wings (LWW)
Three-dimensional Parallel Coordinates (TDC)
Sample Screen Shots
Sample Screen Shots
Sample Screen Shots
If your system meets the technical requirements, you can launch the
What is NDimViewer?
NDimViewer is a web-based visualization system for numerical approximation of dynamical systems and representation of the calculated data using the techniques mentioned above. It is specialized for high dimensional dynamical systems with a dimension count up to 25, depending on the chosen technique. The implementation itself is separated into a calculation and a visualization part, which are treated independently. (more)
Technical requirements
The system is implemented in Java 1.2 and uses the extension classes of Java3D, Ver. 1.1.  For MS Windows-systems, a short description about what you need to get your browser running NDimViewer is given here.

First of all, you need the Java 1.2 Plugin (available at to run the applet in Netscape Navigator or MS Internet Explorer. The Java3D extension classes are available at, too.

  1. Install the Java 1.2 Plugin onto your system.
  2. Install the Java3D extension classes into the same directory.
  3. Try to launch the applet and check, if you can get a 3D output. If so, the installation is complete.
  4. Otherwise make sure, that the following files, belonging to Java3D, are present in the following directories:

  5. J3D.dll and j3daudio.dll in ...\javasoft\jre\1.2\bin
    j3daudio.jar, j3dcore.jar, j3dutils.jar, and vecmath.jar in ...\javasoft\jre\1.2\lib

  6. If the applet still doesn't work, please refer to the Plugin-Homesite at Sun or Java3D-Mailing-List-Archive.
Example systems
To make the expressiveness of the new techniques visible, two practical examples are outlined using EPC, LWW and TDC.
For offline-execution the whole application can be downloaded and installed on the local system. The archive also contains the source-code of the classes to allow individual modifications of the applet. Please contact me, if you do any changes or extensions of NDimViewer.
If you have any comments, suggestions or critics, don´t hesitate to contact me:
p.steiger, may 1999.