On this page you can find interesting volume data sets for download.

Visibile facimus, quod ceteri non possunt.

File format

All data sets are stored in a simple binary format. It consits of a 6 byte header which contains the data set dimensions (one unsigned 2 byte value per dimension) followed by the voxel data (one unsigned 2 byte value per voxel) in sequential slice-by-slice order. The data range is [0,4095]. The format uses little-endian byte order. Here is a simple C++ code snippet to read such a file into an array:

FILE *fp = fopen("filename.dat","rb");

unsigned short vuSize[3];
fread((void*)vuSize,3,sizeof(unsigned short),fp);

int uCount = int(vuSize[0])*int(vuSize[1])*int(vuSize[2]);
unsigned short *pData = new unsigned short[uCount];
fread((void*)pData,uCount,sizeof(unsigned short),fp);


Data sets

To download alternate resolutions or to see further information about each data set, just click on the thumbnail image.

3 Publications found:
Image Bib Reference Publication Type
Christoph Heinzl
Christmas Present
Data set
Eduard GröllerORCID iD, Georg Glaeser, Johannes Kastner
Stag beetle
[832x832x494] [readme]
Data set
Armin Kanitsar
Christmas tree
Data set
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