Manfred Kopp's Diploma Thesis:


This work describes a way to generate interactively a computer painting with brush strokes from a natural or synthetic picture. The brush stroke determines the style and the expression of the painting and therefore existing simulations for brush strokes are examined. A new model for natural looking brush strokes has been developed, which is based on the "footprint", the one dimensional trace of the stroke. The pressure of the brush, the velocity, the thickness, the direction, the characteristic of the paper, the opacity of the bristles and their color deviation are handled by this method.
Another point of interest of this work lies in the interaction techniques for generating the computer painting. To draw a brush stroke the user has to specify their parameters, which are the size, the direction and the opacity. A tool called "Parameter Space" has been developed to define this parameters of the strokes in the picture, where the user must only specify the parameters in some key positions.

Online Retrieval

The thesis without the color plates is available on our ftp-server from the URL: It is written in german and is available in gzipped postscript or gzipped Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). Don't forget to download the ftp-file in binary transfer mode!

Pictures from Manfred Kopp's Diploma Thesis

All pictures in this list were produced from the same source picture with the program Repaint-It!, which I developed for my diploma thesis. All pictures are available in JPEG in a resolution of 504x600 or 505x600 converted with medium image quality.
Picture List
Digital Selfportrait 0101: 74k
Digital Selfportrait 0110: 138k
Digital Selfportrait 0111: 127k
Digital Selfportrait 1000: 75k, shown at the Eurographics Slide Show 93 and the Swiss Computer Graphics Art Competition 94
Digital Selfportrait 1001: 127k
Digital Selfportrait 1010: 60k
Digital Selfportrait 1011: 69k, shown at the Swiss Computer Graphics Art Competition 94
Digital Selfportrait 1100: 148k
Digital Selfportrait 1101: 62k
Digital Selfportrait 1110: 53k
Digital Selfportrait 1111: 97k

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