Marwin SchindlerORCID iD, Aleksandr Amirkhanov, Renata RaidouORCID iD
Smoke Surfaces of 4D Biological Dynamical Systems
In VCBM 2023: Eurographics Workshop on Visual Computing for Biology and Medicine, pages 93-97. September 2023.

Marwin SchindlerORCID iD, Thorsten Korpitsch, Renata RaidouORCID iD, Hsiang-Yun WuORCID iD
Nested Papercrafts for Anatomical and Biological Edutainment
Computer Graphics Forum, 41,3:541-553, June 2022.

Marwin SchindlerORCID iD, Hsiang-Yun WuORCID iD, Renata RaidouORCID iD
The Anatomical Edutainer
In IEEE Vis Short Papers 2020, pages 1-5. October 2020.
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Marwin SchindlerORCID iD
Anatomical Entertainer: Physical Visualization in a Medical Context
[Bachelor thesis] [image]