This research project focuses on 3D motion analysis and motion learning methodologies. We design novel methods for automated analysis of human motion by machine learning. These methods can be applicable in real training scenario or in VR training setup. The results of our motion analysis can help players better understand the errors in their motion and lead to improvement of motion performance. Our motion analysis methods are based on professional knowledge from tennis experts from our partner company VR Motion Learning GmbH & Co KG. We use numerous motion features, including rotations, positions, velocities and others, to analyze the motion.

Our goal is to use virtual reality as scenario for learning correct tennis technique that will be applicable in real tennis game. For this purpose, we plan to join our motion analysis with error visualization techniques in 3D and with novel motion learning methodologies. These methodologies may lead to learning correct sport technique, improvement of performance and prevention of injuries.


  • VR Motion Learning GmbH & Co KG


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  • In this area, we focus on user experiences and rendering algorithms for virtual reality environments, including methods to navigate and collaborate in VR, foveated rendering, exploit human perception and simulate visual deficiencies.


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