Virtual Reality Group


Research Projects

Denoising for Real-Time Ray Tracing
Hannes Kaufmann -

The project aims at leveraging specific image generation processes to improve quality and speed of denoise algorithms on mobile platform.

A hyBRID (physical-diGital) multi-user Extended reality platform as a stimulus for industry uptake of interactive technologieS
Hannes Kaufmann -
BIM-based digital Plattform for design and optimisation of flexible facilities for Industry 4.0
Hannes Kaufmann -

Industrial Building Design is a design process where the successful implementation of each project is based on collaborative decision making of multiple domain specialists - architects, engineers, production system planners and building owners. Traditionally, such multi-collaborator workflows are subject to conflicting stakeholder goals and frequent changes in production processes inevitably resulting in lengthy planning periods.

Advanced Computational Design
Michael Wimmer, Michael Wimmer, Hannes Kaufmann -

Research question: The main research question addressed by the SFB Advanced Computational Design is how to advance design tools and processes through multi- and int

Virtual Reality Tennis Trainer
Hannes Kaufmann -
Visual History of the Holocaust: Rethinking Curation in the Digital Age
Hannes Kaufmann -