The aim of the Skydome Project is the improvement of day skylight models.


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Georg Zotti
Measuring Light Pollution with a Calibrated High Dynamic Range All-Sky Image Acquisition System
In DARKSKY2007 - 7th European Symposium for the Protection of the Night Sky. October 2007.
Conference Paper
Georg Zotti, Alexander Wilkie, Werner Purgathofer
A Critical Review of the Preetham Skylight Model
In WSCG , pages 23-30. January 2007.
Conference Paper
Franz Daubner
HDR Capturing Tool for Canon EOS Digital SLRs
[User Manual]
Student Project
Georg Zotti
Computer Graphics in Historical and Modern Sky Observations
Supervisor: Werner Purgathofer, Alexander Wilkie
Duration: 1/2005--11/2007
Georg Zotti, Alexander Wilkie, Werner Purgathofer
Using Virtual Reconstructions in a Planetarium for Demonstrations in Archaeo-Astronomy
In Third Central European Multimedia and Virtual Reality Conference (Proc. CEMVRC2006), pages 43-51. November 2006.
Conference Paper
Alexander Wilkie, Andrea Weidlich, Caroline Larboulette, Werner Purgathofer
A Reflectance Model for Diffuse Fluorescent Surfaces
In Proceedings of Graphite 2006, pages 321-328. November 2006.
Conference Paper
Georg Zotti
A Sky Dome Visualisation for Identification of Astronomical Orientations
Information Visualization, 2006(5):152-166, 2006. [Steinabrunn Stone Age Sky]
Journal Paper (without talk)
Georg Zotti, Meister Eduard Gröller
A Sky Dome Visualisation for Identification of Astronomical Orientations
In Proceedings IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization, pages 9-16. October 2005.
Conference Paper
Alexander Wilkie, Robert F. Tobler, Christiane Ulbricht, Georg Zotti, Werner Purgathofer
An Analytical Model for Skylight Polarisation
In Proceedings of the Eurographics Symposium on Rendering, pages 387-399. June 2004.
Conference Paper
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