During the Advance AEC Autumn School 2022 PhD Poster Session and Presentation hosted by the Cluster of Excellence IntCDC | University of Stuttgart.

Briefly described, this research, being done under supervision of Prof. Michael Wimmer and
Prof. Iva Kovacic, is titled “Strokes2Surface: Recovering Curve Networks from 4D Architectural Design Sketches for Shape Inference” and addresses automated digital modelling from concept design sketches based on a 4D sketching application developed within our research group targeted for architectural design.

The credit should go to all the members of subproject 2 “Integrating AEC Domain Knowledge - Synthesis 2.0” of SFB “Advanced Computational Design” at Technische Universität Wien, Iva Kovacic, Michael U. Hensel, PhD, Peter Ferschin, Julia Reisinger, Dalel Daleyev, Ingrid Erb, and Balint Kovacs.