The exploration and development of solutions in the field of Interpretable Artificial Intelligence, also known as Explainable AI (XAI), is one of the central research topics of VRVis, intending to lift the black-box character of artificial intelligence. This is particularly relevant in modern radiology, which increasingly relies on digital, AI-based tools to interpret and evaluate radiological images. After all, only innovative visualization methods such as those of VRVis that make the decision-making processes of AI systems transparent and comprehensible for medical experts allow for reliable diagnostics with human competence at its center.

For around two decades now, researchers of our Biomedical Image Informatics Group have been developing application-oriented and internationally patented solutions for direct use in everyday medical practice in close collaboration with AGFA Healthcare, a long-standing corporate partner and global provider of radiology solutions. The new VRVis visualization method, which has already received a great deal of attention in the scientific community and provides trust in the use of machine learning algorithms for accelerated, computer-aided diagnostic workflows, especially in such an important field like medicine, has now been honored with the eAward 2021 on October 18, 2021. More information