Michael Wimmer was elected as a Fellow of the Eurographics Association in recognition of

  1. His outstanding research contributions in real-time rendering, visualization, procedural modeling and geometry processing.
  2. His deep commitment and lasting contribution to the Eurographics Community, including leadership of the key Conferences and Symposia.
  3. His enduring service and support of the Eurographics peer review process and technical program organization.

Michael Wimmer is an Associate Professor at the Institute of Visual Computing and Human-Centered Technology at TU Vienna, where he heads the Rendering and Modeling Group. He received his MSc and PhD in Computer Science from TU Vienna (1997, 2001).

Michael’s research interests lie in real-time rendering, computer games, real-time visualization of urban environments, point-based rendering, procedural modeling and shape modeling. He has coauthored over 130 papers in these fields and has won several Best Paper awards, including at EUROGRAPHICS 2016. He has also co-authored the book “Real-Time Shadows”. Michael regularly serves on program committees of the top conferences in the field, including ACM SIGGRAPH and ACM SIGGRAPH ASIA, EUROGRAPHICS, IEEE VR, Eurographics Symposium on Rendering, ACM I3D, SGP, SMI, HGP. He has been serving as an associate editor of IEEE TVCG, Computer Graphics Forum and Computers & Graphics, and has been honored as “Associate Editor of the Year” for the latter. He has been serving as Technical Papers Co-Chair of EGSR 2008, Pacific Graphics 2012, EUROGRAPHICS 2015 and GCH 2018.

Within Eurographics, he was the main driving force in making the Virtual PC meeting system in SRM really useful, and has been helping numerous chairs actively and with a comprehensive, fool-proof to-do list.