Best Paper Award

We are happy to congratulate the authors of the best papers at EuroVis 2012 as selected by the Best Paper Committee:

  1. Computing Voronoi Treemaps: Faster, Simpler, and Resolution-independent
    Arlind Nocaj, Ulrik Brandes
  2. Vismon: Facilitating Trade-Offs, Uncertainty, and Sensitivity Analysis In Fisheries Management Decision Making
    Maryam Booshehrian, Torsten Möller, Randall Peterman, Tamara Munzner
  3. StratomeX: Visual Analysis of Large-Scale Heterogeneous Genomics Data for Cancer Subtype Characterization
    Alexander Lex, Marc Streit, Hans-Joerg Schulz, Christian Partl, Dieter Schmalstieg, Peter J. Park, Nils Gehlenborg