Graphics meets Games

Join the fun as computer graphics researchers and game developers meet at Eurographics 2006!

Digital games have paved the way for computer graphics to become a mainstream technology. Conversely, computer graphics has elevated digital games to a popularity never seen before. Eurographics acknowledges this fact by dedicating a whole new program track to the interface between these two phenomena.

Graphics meets Games contains several exciting elements:

GmG1Graphics meets Games Competition

Visit the games showfloor, featuring the contestants chosen for the Graphics meets Games competition! Your role is important: choose the game that shows the coolest interactive graphical effect - your vote will select the winner of this year's competition!

GGGraphics meets Games Talks

Listen to well-known game community professionals in special game industry sessions, as they talk about new industry challenges and technologies at the interface between research and game development.

GmG2Physical Games

Enter the game itself as GmG meets the physical reality in our physical games installations: roll in the VirtuSphere, be the Pong or play the robots, all on the games showfloor.

GGGraphics meets Games Panel

Participate in a panel session with game developers, researchers and middleware developers.
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