Title Speaker Date
A Study of Multi-Document Active Reading in Analog and Digital Environments (DAEV) Jasmin Mahler (193-02 Computer graphics)
Tight Integration of Visual Analysis and 3D Real-Time Rendering (PhD test talk) Thomas Ortner (VRVis)
Standards-based Clinical Data Repository (DAEV) Sandra Schmidlehner
Polyphonic Music Composition with Grammars (DAEV) Lukas Eibensteiner (193-02 Computer Graphics)
Interactive Visualization of Dense and Multi-Scale Data for Science Outreach (PhD test talk) David Kouril (193-02 Computer Graphics)
An Interactive Visualisation Tool for Interpreting Predictive Machine Learning Models of Event Organisation Data (DAAV) Maximilian Sbardellati (193-02 Computer Graphics)
Klassifikation Urbaner Punktwolken Mittels 3D CNNs - In Kombination mit Rekonstruktion von Gehsteigen (DAEV) Lisa Kellner (VRVis)
Visibility Precomputation with RTX Ray Tracing (DAEV) Thomas Koch (193-02 Computer Graphics)
Immersive Visual Analysis of Time-Dependent Multivariate Data Using Virtual Reality (DAAV) Elitza Vasileva (193-02 Computer Graphics)
A Modular Domain-Specific Language for Interactive 3D Visualization (DAEV) Dominik Scholz
Building a Sandbox Towards Investigating the Behavior of Control Algorithms and Training of Real-World Robots (DAEV) Klara Brandstätter (193-02 Computer Graphics)
User Interface to Train Personalized Word Embeddings (DAAV) Simon Reisinger (193-02 Computer Graphics)
Augmented Humans in an Augmented World Soros, Gabor (Nokia - HU/Budapest)
In-core level-of-detail generation for point clouds on GPUs using CUDA (DAAV) Klaus Philip (193-02 Computer Graphics)
Educational Craftworks for Volume Physicalization (DAEV) Daniel Pahr (193-02 Computer Graphics)
Context-Responsive Labeling in Augmented Reality (DAEV) Thomas Köppel (193-02 Computer Graphics)
Higher Hand-Drawn Detail using Image-to-Image Translation (DAAV) Dominik Hanko (193-02 Computer Graphics)
Immersive Analytics of Multidimensional Volumetric Data (DAEV) Alexander Gall (193-02 Computer Graphics)
Visual Comparison of Multivariate Data Ensembles (DAEV) Anja Heim (193-02 Computer Graphics)
CG-Club Application Talk Jakob TROIDL (193-02 Computer Graphics)
CG-Club Application Talk Bernhard WOSCHIZKA (193-02 Computer Graphics)
CG-Club Application Talk Lucas DA CUNHA MELO (193-02 Computer Graphics)
Interactive Visualization of Vector Data on Heightfields (DAEV) Silvana Zechmeister (193-02 Computer Graphics)
Real-Time Ray Tracing in Quake III Lukas Lipp (Inst. 193-02)
Reconstructing Production Data from Traditional Japanese Animation (DAAV) Felix Kugler (193-02)