The Konversatorium is a scientific meeting held every week. Its purpose is to provide the possibility to discuss the state of the art of current computer graphics topics. Especially, research done by diplomands, dissertands and members of the institute will be presented here.


The Konversatorium takes place in

FAV05 (former Seminarraum 186), Favoritenstraße 9, 5th floor


Every Friday during semester, 10:30 - 12:00


In the Konversatorium, the following things will be discussed:

  • Guest talks: Our Institute regularly invites international researchers to give a talk in our KV.
  • DAAV: Typically, diplomands hold a talk in the Konversatorium when they start work on their thesis.
  • DAEV: In a second talk they report their results when they have finished their thesis.
  • Test talks: Everybody who gives a talk at a conference should consider giving a test talk in the Konversatorium beforehand. 
  • Other topics: Furthermore, everybody who is doing research in any field of computer graphics and wants to present his ideas to and discuss them with a broader audience is highly encouraged to participate in the Konversatorium.

Consult the current schedule for topics and talks.


The following organizational rules help to keep the schedule:

  • Everybody who wants to give a talk has to inform the KV administration of the name of the speaker, title of the talk, supervisor, and duration of the talk well in advance. It is very important that the speakers adhere to this length, otherwise the other participants will not have enough time to finish their talks, or there will be no chance for discussion about interesting topics
  • To allow the speaker to conclude his talk within the time-limit, no interruptions are allowed during the talk. All questions should be noted and put forward after the talk.
  • To be able to control the length of the ensuing discussion after each talk, one of the participants will be appointed chairman to organize the number and length of questions. By default, the chairman will be Michael Wimmer, should he be absent, another chairman will be selected.

You may use our template for PowerPoint presentations.

Language of talks

In principle, the speaker can chose whether he wants to give the talk in English or in German. Yet, most of the time we have colleagues with insufficient German-knowledge and quite often there are visitors from other Universities in the KV who do not understand German, so please be prepared to give the talk in English!

Submitting talks

If you want to hold a talk in the Konversatorium (which is highly encouraged!), please just send an email to kv@cg.tuwien.ac.at, which should include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Topic of the talk
  • Type of talk (Diploma thesis start/end, State of the art report, ...)
  • Your supervisor (especially for diploma thesis talks)
  • length of the talk (this is compulsory!)
  • your preferred date

You will then be informed whether you can hold the talk at that date, and this page will be updated with your entry.