Seminar Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten

WS or SS 2.0 h (3.0 ECTS), 180.765

Teaching Staff
Hsiang-Yun Wu (organizer)
Eduard Gröller

Course Information and NEWS

Slides from the initial meeting can be found here.

Course Outline


The goal of this seminar is to write and present a state of the art report. A member of the teaching staff will guide and help students in acquiring the scientific material and writing the report. The students are also expected to present their work in a talk in front of their peers.

Tasks for the students:

Teaching staff will evaluate and grade students based on the following output:

Important Dates:

Grading Criteria

The seminar is split into two parts. The first (central) part accounts for 17% of the grade. The second part will account for 83% of the grade. The second part (83% of the grade) consists of:


All the literature that is reviewed during the seminar has to be placed in the reference section of the report. You can have further information about referencing and examples of what is plagiarism here. We are all expected to abide by professional scientific ethics and make sure that the work is not plagiarized in any sense.

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Paper search engines

Tips for writing papers and preparing presentations


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