VU, 186.166, 2023S

Harald Steinlechner

This course page describes the lecture of Sommersemester 2023. It is will be held next time in Wintersemester 2024/2025. See list of other semesters.


  • The next lecture will take place in SS23.
  • The lecture will be in english.
  • For questions please contact (rendEng @

General Information

Lecture Times

Where: Seminarraum FAV 05 (Seminarraum 186)
Start date: 6.3.2023
Time: Monday 16:15 (s.t.) - 17:45

more information on TISS.

There was some demand in streaming the lecture. The Link is in TUWEL.



Communication & Materials


Status and upcoming lectures

Typically mondays as planned, 16:15(s.t.), Upcoming lectures (preliminary schedule):

  • 06.3.2023 - Organization
  • 13.3.2023 - Introduction, Optimization techniques for rendering engines
  • 20.3.2023 - Scene representation
  • 27.3.2023 - Rendering Engine Architectures, Representing fully dynamic scenes
  • 17.4.2023 - Optimization techniques for fully dynamic scenes
  • 24.4.2023 - Materials and Rendering Engines
  • 08.5.2023 - Domain Specific Languages for Rendering Engines
  • 15.5.2023 - Dataflow in Visdom
  • 22.5.2023 - Shading System and Global Illumination
  • Prerecorded: Prerecorded, Applied Datastructures for Rendering Engines

The LV Team

The Aardvark Platform Team in alphabetical order: Daniel Cornel, Georg Haaser, Christian Luksch, Stefan Maierhofer, Harald Steinlechner, Attila Szabo.


Last lectures

This lecture is based on previous work of Robert F. Tobler. Previous lecture websites are available here: Entwurf und Programmierung einer Rendering-Engine 2019


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