Echtzeitgraphik Literature

WS 3.0 (4.5 ECTS), 186.140

Michael Wimmer


Helpful links and materials:

OpenGL Programming
  • Paul Heckbert's page, with interesting material about texture mapping, especially perspective correct texture mapping.
Shading and Lighting Effects
Programmable Shading
  • A page on Stanford's shading language. Although current commercial shading languages (Cg, OpenGL 2.0) modified the concept a little bit, it is still the best exposition on the basic concepts involved.
Levels of Detail (LoD)
Commonly Used 3D Models
  • FRAPS, a generic framerate display tool.
  • Intel VTune, a powerful external profiler for Intel processors. A 30-day evaluation download is available.
  • AMD Performance Tools, various tools for CPU and GPU instrumentation
  • NVIDIA Developer Tools
  • Data complexity for Virtual Reality - Where do all the triangles go? A paper, by Michael Deering analyzing the distribution of triangles in a number of CAD models.
  • Dynamic 3D Graphics Workload Characterization and the Architectural Implications, a paper about performance characterization, also showing the balance point of the "average triangle".
  • Using the RDTSC Instruction for Performance Monitoring, an Intel article about the topic.