WS 2.0, 186.105

Renata Raidou, Thomas Koeppel (Tutor)

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Course Structure

The course consists of the following components:

  • Lectures (Mondays): 7 regular sets of 2 hours + 1 set of invited lectures (3 hours)
  • Practicals (Fridays): 6 sets of 2 hours
  • Final Projects: 1 meeting on 25.11. and then, self-work till 15.01.

Location: Seminarraum 186, Favoritenstrasse 9, 5-th floor.


The course will be assessed as follows:

  • Assignments: in total 5, done during the practicals = 30% of final grade
  • Final Project: in groups of 2-3 people = 35% of the final grade (Implementation, presentation, 1-2 page summary -- No official report)
  • Exam: 35% of the final grade (First exam will be written. If you miss it or fail it, oral on appointment)
You need a passing grade (50%) for each one of the three components above!

Schedule and Material

  • The course will be structured based on the book of B. Preim and C.P. Botha "Visual Computing for Medicine" (2nd ed.) (

  • Slides from the lectures will be published in TUWEL.

  • The practical exercises + assignments can be accessed in TUWEL.

  • The exact schedule for the invited lectures and the project presentations day will be uploaded later.

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Final Projects

The final project will be to implement a visualization application, which solves a simple medical or biological problem. You will be required to hand in the implemented visualization and a 1-2 page summary of your work. The final outcome will be presented during a dedicated session at the end of the course. More information about the final projects will be uploaded soon.

Written Exams

More information about the written exams will be uploaded soon.