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 Botanical Visualisation of Huge Hierarchies

  • We implemented the original paper using C# and Ogre3d
  • The paper proposes to use botanical trees to visualize huge tree structures. Furthermore it proposes to compine the files to fruits which are visualized as phi-balls.
  • In our implementation we tried to stick tightly to the proposed algorithms. If you want to know more about the algorithms check out the original paper here
  • First extract the archive.
  • Just execute the infodir.exe, and select Direct 3D renderer form the dropdown box (the used shader is only available in DirectX, you will see a white material if you use OpenGL).
  • After selecting a directory from the classical tree view on the left side, and pressing the Render button you should see a 3d visualisation for the selected directory.
  • While the mouse cursor hovers over the 3d view, you are able to rotate (right button) and zoom (middle button) the camera. You are able to prevent camera transformations according to the "Mouse Control" dropdown box.
  • The left button selects either a cylinder (directory) or a phiball (files contained within a directory), depending on the "Selection" dropdown box. The selected object is then highlighted and the name of the object is displayed under the "Selected Object" label.
  • The contraction slider is implemented according to the contraction algorithm presented in the original paper.
  • Download the Implementation as a .zip compressed file here.

Created by Clemens Brandorff and Dawid Sip.
Last update on 21. Jun 07.
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