The program's GUI is really simple. On the left side you have sliders to scale the viewport or to change the line widths of the flow map. You can open our dataset by going to "File - Open Data". Our dataset is an .flm file, the content is pretty self explanatory. You can activate the "Edge Routing" part of the algorithm in the third line by putting in a 1 instead of a 0.
#edgerouting 0 = off, 1 = on
The following lines define the source point of the flow map.
#source name, x, y
CA, -120.823074866985, 37.824644286057, 
And all the other lines describe the destinations, with their "weights" (meaning how many objects, persons, etc. are flowing there from the source).
AK, -149.230191831236, 60.3501992402253, 9914
AL, -86.702509865832, 32.880450063677, 10007
AR, -92.429013264974, 34.9188469950358, 11340
AZ, -111.446721903483, 33.6551138559977, 92452
When the file is loaded, the whole flow map is generated automatically and can be changed with the settings mentioned above. You can pan the view by rightclicking into the viewport and dragging the mouse and you can zoom into and out of the map with your mouse wheel.