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License Agreement:

EMC Games developed and licenses this software program ("Software"). This Software is distributed as FREEWARE.

License Grant:

This is a License between you ("Licensee") and EMC Games. EMC Games grants to you a non-exclusive license to use the enclosed copy of software in accord with the terms set forth in this License Agreement. The software is owned by EMC Games and protected by copyright laws.

License Does Not Permit:

Licensee may not charge fees for distribution or delivery of the Software without expressed written consent of EMC Games.


This software may be freely distributed, so long as no fees are charged, and original packaging and documentation are retained. In particular, please distribute this application to friends and associates. In most cases, linking to "" is all that would be necessary.

No Warranty:

This software has no warranty of fitness, suitability for a particular purpose or satisfactory quality. This Software is provided to licensee "as is".


Licensee hereby disclaims and indemnifies EMC Games from any claims or complaints about the Software.

EMC Games can not be held liable for any misconduct or damage that may occur on your computer including all software, hardware and data.

(C) EMC Games 2004


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