Seminar für Diplomand_innen für Visual Computing


The goal of this seminar is to offer a view on some of the research work at our institute, and the ability to comprehensibly present your own scientific work. It accompanies the master/diploma thesis.


The following deliverables are part of the evaluation of this seminar:

  • DAAV (Diplomarbeitsantrittsvortrag): At the beginning of the diploma thesis, a short presentation (10 minutes) of the topic of the diploma thesis must be given, followed by an open discussion on possible solutions to the stated problems (10 minutes).
  • DAEV (Diplomarbeitsendvortrag): At the end of the diploma thesis, a presentation (20 minutes) on the results achieved in the diploma thesis must be given, followed by a short discussion (20 minutes).
  • Presence in at least four scientific meetings either in the Konversatorium or at the VRVisForum (in addition to the two talks mentioned above!).

The language of the presentations is English if not otherwise agreed.

The schedules for the Konversatorium and the VRVisForum are available in the links above. The date for the DAAV and DAEV should be agreed with the supervisor and with the secretariate.