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Note that we use "master thesis" and "diploma thesis" interchangeably.

At the end of their studies, every student has to write a diploma thesis. In our group, students prepare a scientific thesis from the area of computer graphics.


  • Find a topic and an advisor: current thesis topics and information how to find an advisor if no topic is suitable can be found here. To get an idea what to expect, look at former completed theses here.
  • Register your thesis with the faculty (information here, see "Anmeldung einer Diplomarbeit").
  • Read the detailed guidelinesfor theses at our group.
  • Give a "DAAV" (Diplomarbeitsantrittsvortrag) in our Konversatorium. Note that you can also attend more often as part of the Diplomandenseminar.
  • Study literature
  • Develop idea and draw up plan
  • Implementation: in most theses, a piece of software implementing a new algorithm will be created.
  • Generate results (benchmarks, screenshots, videos, ...)
  • Write thesis.
    • The length of the thesis should be between 80 and 120 pages.
    • There are guidelines for the thesis layout etc. available at the faculty, including a LaTEX template for the whole thesis (optional) and a template for the first page (mandatory).
    • There are hints on writing the thesis text.
    • Be sure to follow the Code of Ethics.
  • Create thesis poster (more information here).
  • Give a "DAEV" (Diplomarbeitsendvortrag) in our Konversatorium.
  • Upon completion, you have to hand in, in addition to the documents described here, also a pdf of your final thesis, a pdf of your final poster, and a descriptive image for our publication database.
In all, a diploma thesis will take a little longer than half a year to complete.

It is a good policy to do the diploma thesis at the department where the more advanced lectures and labs as well as the practical studies were completed. This improves synergy and allows closer cooperation between advisor and student. Before starting with the diploma thesis, one should have completed all lectures and labs. A few remaining exams do not matter, however.