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The Institute of Computergraphics holds a course on programming a 3D-graphics game each year. Since students are very motivated if they get a chance to do that, what they wanted to do all along, the results are very impressive. This Hall of Fame presents the best programs of the last years.

Summer 2001 (note: some games might require glut32.dll)

1. Possible Worlds by Gerwin Sturm and Eike Umlauf
An effects-laden underwater shooter of epic proportions! Visit their homepage at
2. Survive in Space by Klaus Feiler and Reinhard Steiner
Multi-player space-shooting action with nice particle effects (requires DirectPlay from DirectX 8.0a).
3. Defcon Korea by Franz Rauscher and Christian Thalinger
Can you blow up all the gun turrets?
x. Startron by Markus Sabadello
Not in the contest, because finished before the lab, but one of the best games we have seen! Remember Tron and Light Cycles? It's all this, and Pac Man, and Zaxxon, and .... Also visit the official homepage
... other good games.

Summer 2000 (note: some games might require glut32.dll)

1. Burp by Christian Haller, Agic Mulhari and Christian Troger
Save the poor Gambrinus beer from extinction in this fast-paced action shooter.
2. Blaster 3D by Gerald Matzka and Ivan Viola
Blast your way over  the planet against other happy blasters in this excellent multi-player game
3. Rollbots by Georg Pölzlbauer and Gottfried Eibner
Battle evil Botnaps who threaten the nice rollbots on their home planet
... other good games.

Summer 1999

1. The Arrival by Gernot Langer and Michael Bleyer
Doom II revisited - very good - you can also download the ingenious Intro Movie.
2. Tunnel Race by Balint Hegedüs and Daniel Wagner
find your way through dangerous obstacles and moving videowalls!
3. Eat or Die by Johannes Testori, Markus Winnisch and Matthias Wohlmann
Pacman 'eats' himself through riddles...
4. Nuke the Duke by Christopher Kruegel and Thomas Toth
complicated labyrinth levels...
... other good games.

Summer 1998

1. The Art of the Mind by Michael Jank, Michael Liehmann and Michael Wögerbauer
gives Diablo and WarCraft II a good run for the money - very nice Intro (but large!).
2. Labyrinthos tu Minothauru by Roman Kurmanowytsch and Franz Baumann
will you be able to resist the mighty Minthauru and find the virgins?
3. M by Clemens Kerer, Martina Hiesinger and Werner Wohlfahrter
find your way through the maze of the TU and pass various exams
4. The Day of the Guggl by Peter Gansterer and Markus Trenkwalder
a very nice 3D jump'n'run with free camera movement for Linux
5. Robbery by Gregor Lehninger and Sandor Kersting
full featured 3D pacman
... other good games.
Summer 1997
1. JOSI 2 by Robert Varga and Wolfgang Ritzinger
2. VAULT OF DOOM by Alexander Nimmervoll, Stefan Maierhofer and Gerhard Hipfinger
3. SPACE DUSTER by Christian Schöndorfer and Rainer Splechtna
4. THE FLY by Marcus Weiskirchner and Hermann Wurnig
5. BUGGY RACE by Chrisanth Lederer and Martin Kahr

Summer 1996

1. FX RACER by Peter Melchart and Erik Pojar
A very fast car race with tons of features and 3D car models.
2. PARSEC by Markus Hadwiger and Andreas Varga
A fast 3D space game supporting 640x480 graphics.
3. ALIEN BUTCHER by Alexander Eisl and Harald Angelow
A neat labyrinth game with 3D voxel aliens.
... other good games.
1. STROBO by Reinhard Grafl and Bernhard Scholz
A very fast two player race in a 3D voxel landscape.
2. MONSTER TRUCK RACE by Franz Ackermann, Thomas Hoffmann, and Christian Wolf
3. HAMMER DOWN by Gerhard Waldhoer and Andreas Artmann
... other good games.
Summer 1994
... A collection of the best games of this year.

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