Hall Of Fame 2002

LU Computergraphik 2 SS 2.0, 186.124
LU Computergraphik 3 SS 2.0, 186.725

Michael Wimmer

Best of 2002

The winning teams are...
Name of the Game Teams and members Remarks and downloads

1st: MetalHazard

Chris Chiu
Michael Kusternig  
Amazing game with water effects, rain, AI-robots.
MetalHazard.zip (22,8MB)

2nd: FirePower

Stefan Bruckner
Michael Kalkusch
Rudi Seemann
Tank simulation with full network support.
FirePower.zip (52,6MB)

2nd: SpeedBall 3D

Bruckner Werner
Chimani Markus
Hu Bin  
Cool AI-game.
SpeedBall3D.zip (8,3MB)

2nd: Beer Sokoban

Bendix Fabian
Rongitsch Thomas  
Learn to stack your bear (ideal for later retrieval :).
BeerSokoban.zip (8,5MB)


Good Games

Name of the Game Team and members Remarks and downloads

The Flower King

Mlejnek Matej
Alexay Peter  
Peaceful scenario with dogs and flowers.
TheFlowerKing.zip (11,5MB)

Back Yard Boyz

Rank Stefan
Scherzer Daniel  
Seek and remove the bad guys.
BackYardBoyz.zip (10,5MB)

Maug Maze

Steiner Martin
Weislein Katharina  
Find your way out of the maze. But don't shoot the horse.
MaugMaze.zip (23,6MB)

CoronaSphere Linux

Krywult Stefan
Steiner Christian  
Very nice Linux space shooter.
CoronaSphere_linux.zip (13,7MB)

Lost In Space

Arpadzic Mustafa
Boban Pantic
Jerinic Stasa  
Spaceship shooter.
LostInSpace.zip (42,2MB)


Other Games

Escape From Redmond

Schedl Markus
Stimpfl Franz  2
Ever played doom or wolfenstein? This is the new challenge.
EscapeFromRedmond.zip (27,3MB)


Schwarzbauer Martin
Wallner Christian  
Solve tricky problems with arrows, baloons and other stuff.
IncredibleMachine3D.zip (0,6MB)


Rautek Peter
Hussein Karem
Hussein Kariem  
Hit the emu on the other side of the river.
Emu.zip (38,2MB)


Gasser Martin
Misek Jan  
Fly on a deserted planet.
WarUtopia.zip (14,8MB)

Crucial Velocity

K├╝hschelm Leopold
Seitner Florian  
no files yet.  

Little Guys Revenge

Ipser Christina
Ludyga Aleksandra
Reitsamer Wolf  
no files yet. 

sector g4

Letic Nikola
Tomanec Katharina  
no files yet.  

the quest for lia fail

Drobec Klaus
Geist Herwig
Kalbeck Daniel  
no files yet. 

Posters of 2002

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This hall of fame was desinged and created by Michael Kalkusch.