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This page presents the

Results of the Joint Seminar on Computer Graphics

carried out in co-operation with the Comenius University of Bratislava (Slovakia). Objective of this seminar is self-reliant gathering of literature, drawing up the contents to a written elaboration and a didactically well prepared lecture.

The main topics of this years seminar were


Java, Javascript, HotJava Java and Javascript are languages which were developed by Sun recently. Java applications enrich Web documents and add interactivity.

Topics: Java, JavaScript, HotJava, Security, Philosophy,...


VRML 1.0, VRML 2.0,... VRML is a standardized format to exchange 3D data over the Web. VRML scenes may include Hyperlinks and animations. VRML is very much related to the Inventor File Format from Silicon Graphics.

Topics: Features, VRML 1.0, VRML 2.0, Tools,...

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Quicktime VR

Quicktime VR introduced by Apple, is an extension to Quicktime, which allows different views of objects to be merged together in a single file. With a Quicktime VR Viewer, one can walk around in rooms or look at objects from different angles.

Topics: Introduction, Idea, Tools, Comparison to other formats...

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Shockwave is another format for Macromedia Applications. With a Shockwave viewer, the user can interact with Macromedia Applications embedded into the normal Browser Window.

Topics: Introduction, Possibilities, Features, ...

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