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Dieter Schmalstieg Peter Wonka Adi Kriegisch Helwig Hauser Werner Purgathofer Stephan Plepelits Anna Vilanova i Bartrolí Jirí Hladuvka Kei Nam Tsoi Jan Prikryl Balazs Csebfalvi Heinrich Hey Gudrun Kinz Viktoria Daubner Robert F. Tobler Katharina Weislein Christian Faisstnauer Alexander Wilkie Thomas Theussl Michael Wimmer Meister Eduard Gröller Anton L. Fuhrmann Helmut Doleisch Gerd Hesina A map of the Institute
The picture was taken on 1999-06-11 on the roof of the Electrotechnical Institute of the Technical University of Vienna.
Old photos of our group:
June 1994
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