Computer Graphics Club

 More about the Computer Graphics Club

1. Definition, goal

The Computer Graphics Club (CGC) is intended to offer a small number of highly motivated and carefully selected students the possibility of enjoying a close and mutually beneficial relationship with the Institute of Computer Graphics and Algorithms.

Members of the Computer Graphics Club are offered the opportunity to learn about the way an institute works. This includes organization, lecturing, and scientific work. There is contact between CGC and the institute on a regular basis. Members of the CGC are expected to attend the advanced Computer Graphics lectures offered by the institute. Thereby, CGC members become experienced in Computer Graphics, and, consequently, are embedded within the scientific work at the institute. Special seminars, e.g., the research seminar and the Central European Seminar on Computer Graphics (CESCG), and invited talks (the Colloquy Cycle, for instance) are also important opportunities for the CGC. The CGC is limited to 12 members.

On the other hand the institute also benefits of running the Computer Graphics Club. In addition to the above mentioned participation, a little organizational help is expected from CGC members, e.g., help for invited lecturers, PR jobs, help with the organization of exams, etc.

Finally, membership in the Computer Graphics Club should enable students to get a good start in everyday work after finishing their study. Both the membership directly as well as the gained additional experience helps with this respect. Of course, members of the CGC have rather good chances when applying for open scientific positions at the institute.

2. CGC member profile

The typical member of the CGC is especially eager to learn and develop. He or she accepts to become member of a club and, together with others, aim for joint goals. He or she aims for a good image of the institute and the Computer Graphics Club. Being a freak is not necessary! ;) He or she likes to participate in non-mandatory events, especially if there is something interesting to learn. `Understanding instead of Reproduction' is a personal goal of CGC members. Thus, their grades for rather logic-oriented courses are very good.

3. Application

To become member of the CGC, you have to fulfill the following criteria:

  • study "Informatik" with the principal decision to concentrate on Computer Graphics or study "Magisterstudium Computergraphik & Digitale Bildverarbeitung".
  • already took the course `Computer Graphics 1' with a grade no worse than `good' (2)
  • exceptionally good grades

If the above mentioned conditions are fulfilled, you can contact Reinhold Preiner. The Nanny will inform you of further details and invite you to the next CGC meeting and the next KV in order to give you the opportunity to see, whether you like to become a member of the CGC or not. After internal discussion a formal application can be handed in and you are invited to present yourself in the KV.

Usually membership terminates after finishing the master's thesis. Though, some members don't want to lose contact to the club, so it is possible to change state from an active member to a graduated member. A graduated member can attend meetings and events but is not actively involved in decisions concerning the CGClub.

Members can terminate their membership at any time. On the other hand, the institute can terminate the membership in the CGC without giving any reasons.

4. Rights of CGC members

The following lists rights of CGC members:

  • regular CGC meetings and events
  • granted participation in courses of the institute, even if the number of participants is limited.
  • use of the computers at the institute, even for non-scientific purposes (if they are not commercial).
  • Internet-access, eMail, WWW pages.
  • Info on special talks, events, etc.
  • Keys to the labs at the institute.
  • Participation in the scientific work of the institute, e.g., KV
  • Participation in the events organized by the institute, e.g., CESCG, Yo!Einstein, Beginners' Day, ...
  • Participation in the social events of the institute, e.g., skiing, xMas party, ...

After finishing their study members of the CGC usually get help in finding a job.

5. Jobs of CGC members

While being member of the Computer Graphics Club members have to actively study at the institute. Very important for the CGC is the weekly KV, and regular meetings (see page "CGC Hot News"). Furthermore the attendence to invited talks is expected.

  • Computer science projects (Praktika), Seminare und Diplomarbeit are usually done at the institute.
  • useful results are presented to others and published together.
  • if interested, small jobs are done as, e.g., help with web pages, or organization of labs.
  • from time to time: organizational help as copying, help with guests, etc.