What is the Computer Graphics Club?

Students especially interested in computer graphics, who are enrolled in computer science at Vienna University of Technology, and our external (not employed) PhD students can apply to become member of the Computer Graphics Club at the Institute of Visual Computing and Human Centered Technology. Being accepted, students get the chance to experience the daily life and work at the institute, see how research is done, and learn more deeply about the special interests of scientists working here. Membership, however, is limited to a maximum of twelve extremely motivated top-level students.

Why being/becoming a member of the Computer Graphics Club?

There are several reasons why students who are especially interested in computer graphics are (want to be) members of the Computer Graphics Club. Some of them are listed below.

  • KV!
    Being a member of the Computer Graphics Club you attend the Colloquium on Computer Graphics (Konversatorium -> KV), which is (usually) held every week during the lecturing periods of the year. See the "schedule" page for up-to-date information about the program.
  • Getting Known Personally!
    Participating in the Computer Graphics Club allows the students to overcome the anonymousness of the mass university. They get known to the members of the institute, further work together is supported thereby.
  • E-Mail Information!
    E-Mail alias cgclub#cg.tuwien.ac.at is often used by staff members of the institute to distribute (potentially) insteresting information. If you are interested in the institute and the work being done here, being on this list is probably a big advantage.
  • Participation@cg!
    The Computer Graphics Club is tied to the institute, one might say, it is even a part of it, actually. Members get involved in the daily life here. Thus they have chances to experience the university from another, more interesting point of view.
  • Social Events!
    Whenever something like a social event, e.g., going skiing or meetings at a `Heuriger', is organized, the members of the Computer Graphics Club usually are invited to join the people from the institute.

Contact information


  • cgclub#cg.tuwien.ac.at (current members only)
  • cgclub-seniors#cg.tuwien.ac.at (former members of CGC)
  • danny#cg.tuwien.ac.at (forwarded to CGC daddy and nanny)

CGC Nanny: Johannes Eschner

CGC Daddy: Annalena Ulschmid