Tree Creation


number of branch levels

level 0 = trunk; level 1 = main branches, growing out of the trunk; level 2 = sub branches growing out of the main branches; … last level = leaves growing out of the level before

(stems are the trunk plus all branches)



number of segments the stems of level n are devided in

0_Curve_Resolution = x ® the trunk consists of (x+1) segments

1_Curve_Resolution = y ® each main branch consist of (y+1) segments


0_Curve_Resolution = 3

0_CurveResolution = 2


determines the number of splittings after each segment in level n

if this value is decimal, the digits behind the point are added to the splits/segment value of the next segment.


1_Splits/Segment = 1

1_Splits/Segment = 0.5


determines the number of splits right after the very first trunk segment

all following splits are calculated with 0_splits_per_segment

0_Base_Splits = 1

0_Base_Splits = 2


determines the angle between the longitudinal axis of the segments before and after a split

the rotation around the longitudinal axis is partitioned evenly.



height of the lowest main branch ® the part of the trunk beneath is branchless.

1_Branches stands for the count of main branches. their position on the trunk is evenly distributed between the end of basesize and the peak. (1_Branches = 4)

2_Branches determines a maximum for the count of sub branches. their position is equally distributed over each main branch. the number of branches is shortened by the length of the main branches.


determines the angle between the longitudinal axis of a stem and its sub stems

this angle can be modified by the tree shape


determines the angle between two stems around the longitudinal axis of their parent stem.

(view from top)


determines the angle between the first and last segment of a stem in level N

® the angle between two segments is (n_curve / (n_curve_resolution + 1)).



if this value doesn’t equal zeor, n_curve is only distributed over the first half of segments and n_curve_back bends the second half.



determines the widening of the base of the trunk.

this effects the lower 1/8 of the trunk length.



determines the number of convexities.

if this value is greater than zero, more triangles have to be drawn. otherwise the effect of lobes will no be visible.

0_Lobe_Depth determines the size of the convexities.


(view from bottom)


height of the trunk in meters




determines the radius of a stem in relation to its length (radius = length * radius_ratio)




determines the diameter of a branch in relation to its parent