Studierstube on the Virtual Table

Studierstube/Virtual Table
Project start: 1998
Contact: Dieter Schmalstieg
In coorperation with the Fraunhofer Center for Research in Computer Graphics, Providence RI, USA


Table-like display devices such as the Virtual Table are designed to serve for applications that are traditionally performed with or on workbenches, tables or presentation surfaces. We have developed an implementation that takes Studierstube and Personal Interaction Panel technology to this new platform.


The virtual table allows multiple reasonable application scenarios to can be considered including virtual and rapid prototyping, simulation, exposition, and education and training; and to such diverse application areas as CAD, medicine, architecture, and strategic planning.


New computer platforms such as the Virtual Table also require the design of new appropriate methods of human computer interaction.


We achieve a new and very efficient method of 3D interaction with the Virtual Table by using two-handed interaction based on transparent pen and pad props derived from Studierstube and the Personal Interaction Panel.


Using Transparent Props for Interaction with the Virtual Table
Technical Report TR-186-2-98-25, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
D. Schmalstieg, M. Encarnação, Zs. Szalavari

A Transparent Personal Interaction Panel for the Virtual Table
Computergraphik Topics, pp. 19-20, Vol. 10., No. 5, Darmstadt, Germany, 1998
D. Schmalstieg, M. Encarnação

Documents on Studierstube/VT


Physical setup (AVI, 1.5MB)
Object creation and manipulation (AVI, 10MB)
X-Ray tool for laying underground cables (AVI, 8MB)
Window tool for multiple views into the scene (AVI, 6.5MB)
Window tool for comparing variants of a scene (AVI, 4.5MB)
Context-sensitive palette (AVI, 4MB)
Lasso tool for selecting objects (AVI, 4MB)
Fish net tool for selecting objects by sweeping (AVI, 6MB)

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