Interactive High-Quality Maximum Intensity Projection

Quality comparison of different MIP approaches

Influence of preprocessing tolerance on image quality

The MIP Applet should run on all Java 1.1 capable browsers. As only a limited amount of memory is available for applets, loading of larger data sets may not be possible within a browser.

If you use windows, you can solve this problem by using Sun's Java-plugin for Netscape and the Internet Explorer (get it  here). This should eliminate the memory restrictions and provide higher frame rates due to better performance of the external virtual machine.

You can also try it with an appletviewer from the command line if both of the methods above fail: 
appletviewer -J"-mx64m"

note: if your browser uses an old or no just in time compiler (JIT) for java, the applet will NOT be interactive. A JIT usually speeds up the execution of java by a factor of 10.
Lukas Mroz
Last modified: Fri Dec 17 14:39:51 MET 1999