Visualizing Dynamical Systems of Higher Dimensions

In 1996 we started to investigate a couple of new techniques (and ways of implementing them) concerning the visualization of n-dimensional dynamical systems with special respect to n>3. Although there are already a few remarkable results this work is still in progress, especially the implementation of our ideas in a portable way (via the Internet) is one major topic of ongoing research.

[arrow_icon] Visualizing the Behavior of Higher Dimensional Dynamical Systems

Work by R. Wegenkittl, H. Löffelmann, and E. Gröller, presented at the IEEE Visualization '97 Conference in Phoenix, AZ.

[arrow_icon] Ongoing research: nDimViz via the Internet

Work by Günter Rubik, still in progress.

Helwig Löffelmann, last update on October 14, 1997.