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Enhancing the Visualization of Characteristic Structures in Dynamical Systems

by H. Löffelmann and E. Gröller.

Project Duration: 1997 - 1998.

This page assembles some results (figures) of work that is part of our research topic ``Visualization of Complex Dynamical Systems''. The figures are provided in JPEG format.

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Figures in the paper (JPEG)

[Fig. 1]Figure 1:
Relation between streamlet density (no), streamlet integration length (len), and streamlet instantiation interval (dt)
[Fig. 2]Figure 2:
Probability density function d for the instantiation of streamlets based on a perpendicular cross-section through the base trajectory.
[Fig. 3a]Figure 3a:
Visualizing the flow near a linear node repellor in 3D: eigenvectors and eigenvalues.
[Fig. 3b]Figure 3b:
Visualizing the flow near a linear node repellor in 3D: characteristic trajectories plus threads of streamlets.
[Fig. 4a]Figure 4a:
A thread of streamlets visualizing the flow near a torus in three-space.
[Fig. 4b]Figure 4b:
Flow near a 3D focus visualized using two threads of streamlets.
[Fig. 5a]Figure 5a:
Visualizing the flow velocity near a stream line of the Roessler system
[Fig. 5b]Figure 5b:
Visualizing the dynamics of a periodic dynamical system exhibiting a twisted torus

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