The Virtual Ink Droplet Method

The following examples were taken without exception from the SGI implementationunder the commercial visualization system AVS.

Images from the paper

Rather weird dynamical system.

Non linear cyclic system.

Dynamical system showing the characteristics of a "star", featuring a saddle point.

A special absorbtion texture was used during creation of this image to simulate the effect of having the axis and labels written onto the paper with a wax pen.

Another dynamical system, visualized by the use of ink drops of different size this time.

This images features two repelling fixed points and an attracting saddle point.

Other picures

Quite big dots show the effect of smearing ink on paper. A simple underlying flow from the left to the right was chosen to make the fading of the droplet tails visible. We are dealing with semi transparent ink here, so if the ink concentration on the paper becomes less, the background shines through.

Rather small dots were chosen here to create a rudimentary overview impression of the underlying circular field

The absorbtion factor for this kind of paper was set to a very small value, so the ink droplets produce longer tails, when they get smeared by the flow, with features a saddle point in this case.

Bigger dots illustrate the stochastic influence used in the Virtual Ink Droplet Method.

This sheet of paper was inintially densly scattered with a lot of very small dots, resulting in a LIC like image.

This rather artificial dynamical system features a spiral system, where dots not belonging to the spiral keep untouched.

Here are some Mpeg videos to view...

Download MPEG video drops with linear smearing

Download MPEG video circular vectorfield

Download MPEG video vectorfield with saddlepoint

Download MPEG video dense sparkles

Download MPEG video spiral

Download MPEG video better circular field

More ink... more artefacts. download the MPEG video

spiral system with realistic drops Here is an MPEG video too.

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