Tobias Sturn
Sturning Technology - Real-Time Rendering of Non Photorealistic 3d Worlds.AV Akademikerverlag,July 2013.

Tobias Sturn, Dietmar Pangerl, Linda See, Steffen Fritz, Michael Wimmer
Landspotting: A Serious iPad Game for Improving Global Land Cover
In Proceedings of the GI-Forum 2013 -- Creating the GISociety, pages81-90.July 2013.
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Tobias Sturn, Michael Wimmer, Peter Purgathofer, Steffen Fritz
Landspotting - Games for Improving Global Land Cover
In Proceedings of Foundations of Digital Games Conference 2013 (FDG 2013), pages117-125.May 2013.

Steffen Fritz, Peter Purgathofer, F. Kayali, M. Fellner, Michael Wimmer, Tobias Sturn, Josef Schuh, G. Triebnig, S. Krause, F. Schindler, M. Kollegger, C. Perger, M. Dürauer, W. Haberl, L. See, Ian McCallum
Landspotting: Social gaming to collect vast amounts of data for satellite validation,23. April 2012, 16:00,European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2012,Austria Center Vienna, Session ESSI2.9, room 7

Tobias Sturn
Improve landcover data through games
Supervisor:Michael Wimmer
Duration:Feb 2011