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A New Class of BRDF Models with Fast Importance Sampling
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Animating Flowfields: Rendering of Oriented Line Integral Convolution
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Interaktive Techniken im Bereich des dreidimensionalen Modelings

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Simulation of Differential Interferometry and Comparison with Experimental Results
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DynSys3D: A workbench for developing advanced visualization techniques in the field of three-dimensional dynamical systems
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Dieter Schmalstieg
Lodestar: An Octree-Based Level of Detail Generator for VRML
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The Personal Interaction Panel - a Two-Handed Interface for Augmented Reality
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Exploiting coherence in 2 1/2 D visibility computation
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A Hierarchical Subdivision Algorithm for Stochastic Radiosity Methods
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László Neumann
The Constant Radiance Term
TR-186-2-96-13, April 1996 [paper]

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A Guided Tour to Wonderland: Visualizing the Slow-Fast Dynamics of an Analytical Dynamical System
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Classifying the Visualization of Analytically Specified Dynamical Systems
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Streamarrows: Visualizing Multiple Layers of Streamsurfaces
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Interactive Rendering of Natural Phenomena with Directed Cyclic Graphs
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'Studierstube' - An Environment for Collaboration in Augmented Reality
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Automatic Exposure in Computer Graphics based on the Minimum Information Loss Principle
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Interactive Calibration of the Mapping of Global Illumination Values to Display Devices
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Studierstube - A Multi-User Augmented Reality Environment for Visualization and Education
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Autostereograms - Classification and Experimental Investigations
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Virtual Reality History, Applications, Technology and Future
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Calculation of Tight Bounding Volumes for Cyclic CSG-Graphs
TR-186-2-96-03, January 1996 [paper]

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Using Genetic Algorithms to Improve the Visual Quality of Fractal Plants Generated with CSG-PL-Systems
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Analysis and Visualization of Nonlinear Time Sequences
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High Fidelity for Immersive Displays
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Demand-Driven Geometry Transmission for Distributed Virtual Environments
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Anton Fuhrmann
X-Mas 1996

Parham Aram
Der Vierphasen-Wegsuchalgorithmus zur Berechnung von Rohrleitungsführungen im Anlagenbau
Supervisor: Werner Purgathofer
Duration: - 1996

Milos Srámek
Visualization of Volumetric Data by Ray Tracing
Supervisor: Werner Purgathofer
Duration: - 1996

Tomasz Mazuryk
Prediction Techniques
Supervisor: Michael Gervautz
Duration: - 1996

Peter Ferschin
A Two-Pass Radiosity Method for CSG Models
Supervisor: Werner Purgathofer
Duration: - 1996