Visual Computing is an emerging field of research, formed by the progressive fusion of traditionally separate scientific fields. Visual Computing deals with problems that are focused on processing or acquisition of graphical data. Most visual computing researchers work in the fields of computer graphics, digital image processing, pattern recognition, visualization and virtual reality. Since many new technologies and problems require expertise in several of these fields, research groups increasingly look for opportunities to improve their cooperation with neighboring fields. Austrian, as well as Russian research groups have ample experience in several of the fields that comprise visual computing, and have published high level results of their research. Following a successful seminar in Vienna last year, the Joint Seminar on Visual Computing in Fundamental, Academic and Applied Science and Research would give an opportunity for researchers of both countries to present their results to a larger audience of experts, to identify common problems and to participate in an open dialogue that may form the basis for future cooperative projects. The Seminar will mainly consist of presentations from all participants, dealing with topics from all areas of visual computing. Additionally, the seminar will include several keynote speakers, research facility tours and social events.


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