Deadline: as soon as possible. Contract must be signed before end of November.
Pay: 1.190,10 Euros/month * 14months/year, as per universities collective agreement.
Working language: English
Duration: 1 year contract
Hours: 20hrs/wk, flexible around exams etc.
Employer: Precision Livestock Farming Hub, Vetmeduni Vienna.

• Photography of farm animals, equipment, buildings & environment
• Photogrammetry to build 3D models & surface reflectance textures
• Animation of locomotion & behavior
• UE5 plugin for automatic scene & action generation with variation
• Integration with UnrealGT synthetic generator plugin.

At the PLF-Hub we develop computer vision and AI for livestock farm management. We use object
and action recognition neural networks to monitor animal behavior and welfare. These need labeled
data to train the networks. We use UE5 and the Unreal GT plugin to generate synthetic training
Your role will be to work with our veterinary research staff to generate the simulations needed to
generate the training data.

Benefit to you:
This is paid employment, designed to fit alongside full time study.
Our work is Affero-GPL licensed, so you will be able to use it in your demo-reel after graduation.

Dr Nick Hockings,
Precision Livestock Farming HUB
Institute of Animal Welfare Science
Department for Farm Animals and Veterinary Public Health
University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna