After two years of virtual presence the CENTRAL EUROPEAN SEMINAR ON COMPUTER GRAPHICS CESCG 2022 will be LIVE at Smolenice castle!

We do our maximum to keep the event safe, so in case of good weather all talks and meals will be outdoors. In case of bad weather we will vent and disinfect the interiors as much as possible.

Note that the dates will be shifted by one day:
5-6 May SEMINAR (lunch - lunch)
6-7 May ACADEMY (lunch - afternoon

Now that CESCG is confirmed to be LIVE again, we are repeating our call for Academy workshops to provide an interesting and diversified program for the attendants. This also marks an important step towards restoring the pre-pandemic mode.

So far we have confirmed the following workshop topics:
* Raymarching in WebGL (Budapest)
* Deep Learning for Computer Vision (STU Bratislava)
* Procedural Music and Graphics (TU Wien)
* Digital Storytelling and VR cinematography (Sarajevo)
* FEM for animation (TU Wien)

We would love to add some more like Rendering, Real-time graphics, Visualization, XR, GameDev, Fabrication, 3D Reconstruction, etc. The Academy should allow students from other universities to sneak into the labs and courses you teach. Most universities do not offer the full spectrum of in-depth visual computing courses, so "visiting" a course form a different university at the CESCG Academy can be a great way to gain gain access to specific knowledge and hard skills. Workshops should be hands-on labs, but lectures are fine as well. Both undergrad and graduate level workshops are fine. Short after collecting the topics, we will let the students prioritize them. We will select the best combination of 4+ workshops.

The academy schedule has 12 slots in total, 90 mins each, organized in 2 parallel tracks. Slots are divided by coffee breaks. Each workshop can span 1-3 slots (90 - 270 mins excl. breaks).

Lecturers will enjoy free accommodation at the castle and full board during the academy. we are also giving away small honorary fee for each lecture.

If you do not know the CESCG atmosphere, here is a short movie from the last edition before the series of lockdowns. There were 200 attendants back then, this year we expect around 30.

Please ask around your group if someone would be interested to offer a workshop. Given the rapid last-minute shift back to the live mode, the deadline for workshop topics is already on Thursday 17:00 CEST. Feel free to ask about any details 

Thank you very much in advance for your effort and we hope to see you there!

best regards
Martin Ilčík
CESCG Team (