Howto borrow books

Important Note

In general for non-members of the institute it is only possible to read our books in the library during office hours. Students that need to borrow a book because of a particular computer graphics lecture, should contact their supervisor.

To borrow

Go to the Webpage, search for your desired book and then click on 'Borrow'. If no books are available there is no such button. You will be asked for your username and password. It's the same password as for other machines. If you don't have an account here and think you should be allowed to borrow books, please go to the technicians and get a special library-account.

Return book

Go to the Webpage. Search for the book and click on 'Return'.

Library PC

There's a PC in the library (called 'librarian' after the famous character from Terry Pratchetts' Discworld). If you start the machine it should autmatically log in and start a webbrowser pointing to the library-page. There you also can borrow and return books.