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Please, fill in the following form carefully. Try to avoid using non-ASCII characters in the input, as common browsers often submit these characters incorrectly. If you need to specify some non-ASCII character, use rather common LaTeX sequences as \", \', and so on. Note: this is a joint registration form. You can register for VisSym '99 (May 26-28), for EGVE '99 (May 31 & June 1), or for both events (ATS 500 off!).

strong letters / green background: obligatory information - you have to specify these items!
regular font / yellow background: optional information - you don't have to specify such items.
Fees for VisSym '99 (May 26-28) Fees for EGVE '99 (May 31 & June 1)
ATS 4.600,- is the regular fee ATS 4.000,- is the regular fee
ATS 3.500,- for EUROGRAPHICS/IEEE members ATS 2.900,- for EUROGRAPHICS members
ATS 2.700,- for full-time students
ATS 2.200,- for full-time students that are
Discounts, Additional Fees (valid for both events)
minus ATS 500,- discount off the total fee if you register for both events
plus ATS 500,- additional fee for late registration (after April 30, 1999)
plus 4 percent additional fee for the use of a credit card
I am registering for VisSym '99 (May 26-28). (check one, both, or all three)
I intend to join the one-day trip to Wachau (May 29 or 30, will be charged separately).
I am registering for EGVE '99 (May 31 & June 1).
I know that I get a discount of ATS 500 off the total fee if I register for both events!
My first name is (including further initial(s))
My last name is
My eMail address is (example: user@mail.server)
My URL (home page): (optional)
I am affiliated with
Affiliation URL: (optional)
My address is
(including street address,
ZIP, city, and country)
My phone number is (example: +49(2323)12323/23) (optional)
My FAX number is (example: +49(2323)12323/24)
I am a member of EUROGRAPHICS (membership number ). (check all that apply)
I am a member of IEEE (membership number ).
I am a full-time student and I do not get any funding for this travel.
I will pay with VISA credit card (check the one that applies)
I will pay with MasterCard credit card
I will pay with Eurocheck (I will send check via surface mail).
I will give a talk at VisSym '99 (paper ). (check all that apply)
I will give a talk at EGVE '99 (paper ).
For my talk I will need overhead projection
slide projection
projection from Windows PC & Powerpoint
PAL-VCR projection
NTSC-VCR projection
(check all that apply)
Further comments: (optional)
Here used to be the ``Continue''-Button.
However, as the conference is already past, no button here anymore.

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