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Location of Hotels [image:href]


The hotels listed below were recommended. Some of them offered the reduced business rate for participants of VisSym '99. If you make your reservation at one of these hotels, please indicate clearly

``. . . that you participate at VisSym '99 and/or EGVE '99        
        which is held at the Austrian Academy of Sciences . . .''

to get this rate. See the map to the right for locations of the hotels listed.

Make your reservation as soon as possible. Experience tells us that May/June are the peak months in the tourist business in Vienna.

If you have any further questions or problems concerning accommodation feel free to contact emanuel.wenger@oeaw.ac.at.

   Price for single room    Price for double room    Distance from conference venue
Hotel Kärntnerhof  ATS 999 ATS 1584 3 minutes
Hotel Post  ATS 468 5 minutes
Hotel Urania  ATS 650 ATS 890 10 minutes
Hotel Stadt Brünn  ATS 500 ATS 900 10 minutes
Hotel Franzenshof  ATS 510 ATS 890 subway: 2 stops
Hotel Gabriel  ATS 750 ATS 1100 subway: 3 stops

If you would like to book in another hotel, you can use the following service: NetHotels Vienna. Information about events, museums, and other touristic attractions can be found on the web page of the Vienna Tourist Board, Wien online, and Austrian Federal Theatres.

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