Eurographics Workshop on Natural Phenomena 2006 - Vienna, Austria

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Eurographics Workshop on Natural Phenomena 2006

The workshop will take place just before the Eurographics '06 Conference (September 5, Vienna, Austria) to encourage a broad range of participants. As such, it will provide a very interesting opportunity for researchers that want to attend or present communications at both events. The workshop will be held in one day, including paper presentation and invited sessions. Participation is open to everyone, not requiring submission of a paper.

Aims and Scope

Synthesizing realistic natural scenes is a challenging and important problem in computer graphics. The challenge stems not only from the complexity and diversity of objects and natural phenomena interacting together, but also from the huge amount of small details that should be modeled to obtain realistic models and physically plausible simulations. Therefore, there is still a need for interactive modeling and simulation techniques capable for handling complex synthetic sceneries. The purpose of this workshop is to explore novel techniques for modeling, animating, simulating and rendering complex natural phenomena.

The workshop will build on work done in recent years including simulating aging and weathering of synthetic objects, plant modeling, ecosystem simulation, gaseous phenomena and liquid flows. It will focus on non-concious or inanimate nature like rock, trees, oceans, wind, meadows (animals and humans as part of nature should be excluded). Work in this area, promising as it is, is still far from complete.

Authors are invited to submit technical papers in these or related areas. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • Plant structure modeling
  • Ecosystem simulation
  • Gaseous phenomena (clouds, fog...)
  • Simulating liquid flows
  • Modeling fire and smoke
  • Aging and weathering
  • Terrain modeling

Invited Speaker

Oliver Deussen (Universität Konstanz Informatik & Informationswissenschaft)

Latest News

March 30th, 2006 Submission system online.
March 27th, 2006 Call for papers published.
January 10th, 2006 Website launched.
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