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Although we do not have a real conference hotel, we managed to get the following hotels to offer the reduced business rate for participants of the workshop. If you make your reservation at one of these hotels, please indicate that you participate at the Rendering Workshop to get this rate.

You can look at the map to find the location of the workshop and all these hotels with respect to the workshop site.

All rates are in Austrian Shillings per day and room.
Hotel single room double room no. on map distance
Hotel Carlton Opera ATS 900 ATS 1300 1 5 minutes
Hotel Papageno ATS 950 ATS 1280 2 5 minutes
Clima Cityhotel ATS 900 ATS 1250 3 10-15 minutes
Hotel Congress ATS 790 ATS 1250 4 Subway: 2 Stops
Hotel Drei Kronen ATS 900 ATS 1200 5 5 minutes
If you would like to book in another hotel, you can use the following service:

NetHotels Vienna


We know that the price for single students is somewhat steep, therefore we offer to post the names and email addresses of students who want to share a double room with another student on the following double room sharing page.
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