Graphics meets Games Competition

Eurographics, the largest computer graphics conference in Europe, and the 2nd largest worldwide - with thousands of attendees from all over the world, from academia and the computer graphics and game industry - for the first time this year, is holding the Graphics Meets Games Competition.


The Challenge

Show us a cool new graphics effect, that could be used in a computer game, and create a small, self-contained real-time 3D demo game that showcases the effect. If the player can interact with the effect or it interacts with the environment (i.e it is more than eye candy), maybe in some kind of physically based way (think for instance low-gravity, or magical physics, zero-friction liquids, balls that multiply on collision etc.), then it is even better.

In any case, show us something we have not seen in a 3D game, either through a new effect or a new use of a known effect or combination of effects. If you employ a physics engine, it need not be written by you, but you have to have a valid license to use it.

What we are looking for is something that could be incorporated into a standard PC- or videogame running on standard hardware, without the need for non-standard input devices, cameras, several monitors etc. The goal is to be creative within these limitations, and come up with something which uses a graphical effect in a novel - preferably interactive and maybe physics-based - way, where the novelty of the (physical) interaction refers to "interactive within the game environment". To make it possible for a large number of people to participate, all the hardware you need to participate is a PC + monitor, a keyboard, potentially a mouse and a modern graphics card.

Note that game is meant in a broad sense here: It can mean following a classical computer/video game paradigm, a more artistic playing around in an interesting environment (without a set goal) approach, or a learning game.

Note also, that we are not primarily interested in fancy models or animation etc.; these might help in showcasing your effect, but if your demo game can create a splash using only simple geometric objects, it is just as well.

As long as you have a novel, playful idea with 3D graphics, we want to see it !


Submission Deadline

Submission Deadline is August, the 28th of 2006, 23:59. The final version of your submission according to the Submission Requirements must be uploaded to the server until 11:59 pm. You can change your submission as often as you like before that.



The following prizes are waiting for the best three (see below) contestants:

3rd place: 1 x NVidia GeForce 7900GS + 1 computer/videogame of your choice
2nd place: 1 x NVidia GeForce 7900GT + 2 computer/videogames of your choice
1st place: 1 x NVidia GeForce 7900GTX + 3 computer/videogames of your choice

The prices can be received at the Eurographics conference or mailed to you.

NVidia - The Way It's Meant To Be Played
The European Union GameTools Project


Contestants and Winner

From all submissions the best entries (contestants), selected by the games chairs and a technical jury, will be prominently showcased in an interactive large-screen exhibition, and the winner will be selected through an audience vote during the conference.

The contestants will be informed in advance and will get free admission at the last day of the conference (travel and accomodation costs will have to be paid for by contestant).
Attending the conference in any way is not a condition for participating or winning the Graphics meets Games competiton !

Note: This is only to help contestants who cannot otherwise afford to attend the conference to be able to partcipate live in Graphics meets Games. It cannot be used to reduce the price of attendance for regular Eurographics 2006 attendants.



If you consider submitting a demo game, you can register an email address now, to stay up to date on all matters regarding the Graphics meets Games competition (clarification of rules, deadlines, etc).