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Visualizing Complexity Science Workshop offers you the opportunity to apply your perspective and strengths to drive the concept and direction of a data visualization project based on real datasets. This is a unique opportunity to experience a form of collaboration generally not available to visualization professionals. Participants will be part of small teams made up of scientific researchers, developers, visualization designers, journalists, and artists engaged in modeling complexity science problems.

The 5-day in-person program, held at Complexity Science Hub in central Vienna, offers a mix of presentations by experts from the international art / science / journalism / visualization communities, group discussions with scientists and peer professionals, and hands-on team working sessions to produce complexity science visualizations.

Who this is for

This workshop is for people from a variety of disciplines and professions, who:

  • have data visualization skills at the graduate student or professional level,
  • are inspired by the challenge to visualizing scientific research

You will gain

  • communication and visualization strategies for data-driven scientific findings,
  • the opportunity to engage with our guest speakers,
  • inspirations and experience exchange from peers,
  • a complex science visualization project to enrich your portfolio.



Complexity Science Hub, Vienna, Austria